Services & Pricing

Treatment Recommendations

Immediate treatment for head lice removal is recommended for persons diagnosed with an active infection.

All household members and other close contacts should be checked; each person with evidence of an infection should be treated at the same time.

Retreatment of head lice usually is recommended on Day 4 & Day 8 because of the various cycles of head lice, this can be done at home after a professional treatment with our mousse & a terminator nit removal comb.

Topical treatments are not 100% ovicidal (i.e. do not kill all the egg stages), however, in addition to killing live, active lice, our expert technicians utilize a manual removal method of nits that are attached within ¼ inch of the base of the hair shaft.

Once you arrive at our studio, we will assess your infestation prior to treatment so you know exactly how much the treatment will cost. For the ambitious parents we also carry DIY at home kits for purchase starting at $55.00, complete with an in studio demonstration!

Services & Pricing

Mild Head Lice Infestation: $75-$95 flat fee

Moderate Head Lice Infestation: $125-$150 flat fee

Severe Head Lice Infestation: $150-$175 flat fee

Severe Plus Lice Infestation: $175-$225 flat fee

Heat Treatment: $75, add on to Severe Plus Treatments

Long, Thick &/or Curly Hair fee may apply: $50

After Hours Fee: NONE

Maintenance Program: $150 per year, call for details!

Multiple treatment packages are available at a discounted rate. Our head lice technicians will assess the level of infestation prior to treatment.

Please Note: We reserve the right to refuse service if the staff deems it necessary to do so.

Cancellation Policies

**We have a strict 48 hour cancelation policy for pre-paid treatments
***Appointments canceled prior to 48 hrs will be charged the full rate, we schedule your time specifically for you which requires the allotted time to be reserved, therefore, advance notice of 48 hrs or more is required to cancel or reschedule your scheduled appointment otherwise your package fees are non-refundable. This policy is strictly adhered to due to the limited number of appointments we have available in a day, we thank you in advance for respecting our cancelation policy

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